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The ministry of commerce is expected the import and export growth of about 8% this year to encourage imported inflation pressure
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Export performance better than expected in February rose 21.8% from a year according to the survey of foreign trade tend to be more optimistic

Customs, according to data released yesterday, China's export data better than expected in February, up 21.8% from a year earlier, while import and export for the previous two months also stable growth, an increase of 14.2%. The ministry of commerce pointed out that China's imports and exports are expected to grow by about 8% this year.

Data show that 1 ~ 2 months, China's export growth of 23.6%; Import growth of 5%; The trade surplus of $44.15 billion, and for the trade deficit of $4.78 billion over the same period last year.

Data shows, in February, China's import and export gross 1.65 trillion yuan ($263.49 billion), excluding currency factors year-on-year growth of 1% (the same below). Including export 875.12 billion yuan, up by 21.8%; RMB 778.97 billion, imports fell by 15.2%; The trade surplus of $15.25 billion, $31.98 billion trade deficit with China is much better than the same period last year.

It is worth noting that imports fell 15.2% year on year in February, growth dropped sharply in January, a new low in 13 months. , according to the analysis data of 1 ~ 2 months, the overall performance is still positive.

Yesterday released by the customs export managers index was 38.2 in February, a rebound in January 0.7, for a third consecutive month-on-month, indicates that foreign trade export tendency is tend to be more optimistic.

Commerce minister Chen deming said yesterday that China will work to reduce logistics costs, and promote the development of export credit insurance, promote the growth of trade. For this year's foreign trade situation, Chen pointed out that on the basis of 6.2% growth last year, should be able to do better this year, growth at around 8%.

Experts advise:

Encourage the imported inflation pressure

1 ~ 2 month exports increase or associated with foreign exchange in January. Anz bank greater China chief economist liu ligang at anz suggested that China should encourage imports, and gradually reduce the scale of export tax rebates, to reduce the trade surplus, because of massive trade surplus also makes China's rising inflation and asset bubbles. In yesterday to answer media how to "promote the magnitude of the opening to the outside world," Mr. Chen pointed out that one is "stable exports, expanding imports, import and export balance".

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