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Foreign trade enterprises should improve the ability of resist risk
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Since this year, China's export-oriented small and medium enterprises generally face the RMB exchange rate fluctuations, rising labor costs and external demand weakness such as "malaise". Is widely expected to rely on traditional demographic dividend and exchange rate advantage has ended, transformation and upgrading of foreign trade enterprises need to multi-channel slow release risks.

Profits eaten by "exchange rate"

Fujian long focus precision industry co., LTD., chairman of guang-hua zhu this half day is not very good. The yen evaporated enterprise net profit of more than 20 percentage points.

"Such a plug-in in previous years on the market can sell 120 yuan, now it is 90 yuan for the yen." Guang-hua zhu helplessly told reporters that the yen depreciated by about 20%, half so big fluctuations, enterprise can't stand it. "The appreciation of the renminbi is how much, how many company looking at continued appreciation in the yuan, the in the mind is like the drop of blood.

On a commercial BBS "recently held in hankou, this sentence into several present export enterprises, head of the opening.

The China foreign exchange trade center, according to the latest figures on June 4th, the yuan central parity rate against the dollar hit a record high, at 6.1735, compared with the previous trading day up 71 basis points, compared with the early the first day of trading, the yuan has risen by 1162 basis points this year. Since 2005 the implementation of revaluation, the yuan has appreciated by 35% against the dollar.

Wuhan city business bureau of foreign trade commissioner Cao Qiangong, said yuan this wave of rare rally, the wuhan great impact export textile and garment industry enterprises, and much of export-oriented enterprises dare not pick up the order. Among them, the textile product exports fell 9.1% year-on-year in April.

In addition to the exchange rate volatility losses, staff salary each year more than 10% of the growth in recent years to fujian anxi Ye Wenan fuhua handicraft co., LTD. General manager also is groaning. "Hire more and more difficult over the past few years, we have to raise, now employees are 23000 yuan monthly income, enterprise artificial cost is higher and higher." Ye Wenan helplessly say.

Part of the buck the development of innovative enterprises

Reporter found that some enterprises through increased investment in research and development, improve the technological content and value-added products, won a large in this wave of adverse market development.

Hubei binary dongfeng tyre co., LTD., the first two months this year accumulative total shipping $11.44 million, a net gain of $2.4 million from the same period a year earlier, average monthly growth rate of 30%.

Company director, told reporters that their strategy is a flexible order, "poly" ensure the big order, small order, realize win-win situation of export quantity and economic benefits; Second, flexible marketing, build two or more agents, a variety of products at the same time, the marketing mode, to improve market share; Three is to mobilize the enthusiasm of Africa, the Middle East and other regions agent, open up diversified international markets.

In the room of the company in fujian anxi fuhua crafts, variety of all kinds of rattan furniture crafts wowed. Fancy Ye Wenan tells a reporter, because the creative, exquisite workmanship, the product is very popular with the European and American countries, the company exports reached $15.84 million last year. Although the weak external demand this year, but the company orders in the first quarter rose by 8% year-on-year. "We depend on is a high level of research and development team and product innovation." According to Ye Wenan, companies pay big money to hire some Taiwan designers, average more than 2000 kinds of new product development. To design the research and development to enhance product added value, exchange rate fluctuations and artificial cost increase the pressure.

Risk should be multi-channel slow release

The people's bank of China governor zhou xiaochuan recently in the international monetary conference 2013 annual meeting made clear that China will not by competitive devaluation to improve their own competitiveness, it reflected by price reversed transmission mechanism in our country and domestic reform into the thinking of the economic transformation.

Most experts agree that the yuan for a period of time will continue to rise, in the long term, the yuan's strong performance is irreversible.

And annual labor costs in recent years, more than 10% of the growth, and is the inevitable reflection of social development and the decline of demographic dividend.

Lu Xiangming, Ye Wenan business owners think, the enterprise can't all day long staring at the exchange rate, also can't always rely on a "demographic dividend", transformation and upgrading is the fundamental way out. Want to use their own marketing ideas, professional ability, research and development and product innovation to dissolve the risk, to the fair competition in the international market. With high value-added products and marketing, and management to offset losses from exchange rate fluctuations and rising costs.

The bank of China, fujian province governor tao to advice, foreign trade enterprises should improve the resolve and against financial risk consciousness and ability, use renminbi forwards, options and other derivatives, locking the costs and benefits in advance; At the same time, also can use the yuan to settle trade to avoid exchange rate risk.

Experts believe that at the same time of export enterprises to speed up the transformation and upgrading, the government should reduce the tax burden of enterprises, build platform, completes the service, create loose external environment. Only real parties make joint efforts to build China's economic "upgrade".

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